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If you’re looking for a square coffee table we’re confident we’ll have something that appeals to you.

Coffee tables are traditionally rectangular in shape and finding a square one is no easy task - so we’ve taken the pain out of searching around for a square coffee table and are delighted to bring you a huge range of the best ones available.

A square coffee table is perfect for all your beverages and snacks at home whether you’re just watching television or entertaining guests.

We’ve joined forces with some of the top home furnishing and furniture stores and our extensive range of square coffee tables and side tables includes wooden coffee tables, glass coffee tables and chrome, steel and metal coffee tables.

And if you’re looking for a square nest of tables, we’ve got dozens of those too at the best prices around.

You can compare prices on hundreds of square coffee tables ranging from under £10 to several hundred pounds.

Cheap or expensive, large or small - whatever your requirements, you’ll certainly find a square deal here!

Read more about buying a square coffee table below

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Compare prices for Square Coffee Tables

We have the best prices around for stylish square coffee tables

Let’s be honest, it much more enjoyable having a cup of tea of coffee if there’s somewhere to rest your mug or cup in between sips - that’s where a square coffee table really comes into its own.

Nobody really wants to drag out a traditional large rectangular coffee table just for a quick cuppa in front of the telly in your living room.

A simple square coffee table is the perfect accessory - no fuss and the perfect solution for tea and biscuits or coffee and a slice of cake. And a square coffee table has plenty of other uses - it’s ideal of playing cards or chess on, reading the newspaper or even writing a shopping list! The uses for a square coffee table, side table or end table are limitless.

The main problem these days is finding the ideal square coffee table - as you would expect, most coffee tables are oval or rectangular, but there are still plenty of square options available, That’s where we come in - we’ve trawled around all the big furniture websites to bring you an extensive range of square coffee tables, at the best prices around.

We’ve teamed up with the some of the top names in the UK including online shopping giant Amazon, Marks and Spencer, Homebase, Argos, John Lewis, B&Q, Robert Dyas, Wilkinson Plus, Tesco Direct, Asda Furniture, Oak Furniture Land, The Pine Factory, Fornisca, Bhs, Furniture 123, Danetti, Furniture Village and Debenhams - and all our featured stores operate secure online shopping facilities so you know you can purchase a coffee table safely from the comfort of your home.

We have a vast choice of square coffee tables to suit all tastes - for starters there’s dozens of wooden square coffee tables and side tables to choose from - oak square coffee tables, beech coffee tables, teak and walnut coffee tables, pine coffee tables, mahogany coffee tables - to name just a few.  And they are available in various tones including dark wood and light wood.

Black coffee tables and white coffee tables are very popular choices and we have some very appealing wooden models for you to take a look at - there are some really stylish and top quality square coffee tables available.

Maybe you’re keen to buy a glass square coffee table or occasional table - well, we’ve got plenty of those too ranging from clear glass or mirrored glass table tops to smoked glass black glass and other colours of glass. They are available in a range of sizes - large, medium or small - as well as various styles including modern, rustic, retro, contemporary or antique - so you should have no trouble finding something that appeals to you.

We also feature an impressive range of chrome, metal, steel and aluminium square coffee tables which usually have a glass or wooden table top. There are some cheap models to take a look at as well as many more expensive and stylish designer coffee table alternatives.

You’ll also find square coffee tables made from more unusual materials such as leather, acrylic and marble.

A square coffee table or side table will usually be in the traditional style with legs and a table top, but you also find some unusual models here including coffee tables with storage areas or drawers, and even a few which double up as magazine racks.

Some people need more than just one coffee table and that’s where a nest of tables can be a handy solution. A nest of tables provides you with several square coffee tables with each fitting inside the other for storage - a really great space-saving solution.

We mainly feature square coffee tables in our nest of tables range, but a few will start with a square small table and a rectangular outer coffee table. A nest of tables is a great space saver - just spread them around the room when you have guests visiting and put them away afterwards in one tidy group for future use.

A square coffee table should serve you well for many years if looked after properly and you’ll be hard pressed to find a better range than that featured here for choice, quality and value.

Alongside our range of square coffee tables we also have a selection of side tables and end tables which after often similar in style to a coffee table and may suit your requirements.

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